The design agency Tom, Dick & Harry hired me to illustrate the labels for Shiner Beer in Texas.

Six Pack Sheep Bottle.jpg

I created images for six beers and various packaging throughout the Shiner line.

I'm still surprised by all the places that the Shiner bighorn sheep has shown up!


Stack House

I was asked to make this image for the label of Stack House wine's 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon. 


The Jackson Group

This hybrid eagle and octopus was commissioned for an internal promotional brochure. 
The ad agency envisioned this "Eaglepus" as a symbol that embodied its brand.



I drew these product images for Kiehl's packaging.



Created for a Finnish department store newspaper advertisement. 


Yalumba wine club

Australian design company Denomination called on me to create these images for Yalumba Winery.


Just a tomato that wants to be famous

Tomato color1.JPG