The Golden Wolf Process

Golden Wolf Title Type 72DPI 1200Pixels High.jpg

I had finished the black and white scratchboard work on this cover and a minimal amount of color was called for on the actual book cover design. Milan Bozic, at Harper Collins was the art director and an amazing designer I was lucky to be working with.


I love his design and the whole look of the series with the foil printing on the physical copies of the book but I wanted to explore some more of the piece’s possibilities giving it the full color treatment. I’ve included below a image that shows how it progressed.

Golden Wolf Gif Test 2 480.gif

I can completely get lost in cropping an image and trying to figure out how it’s best presented. Losing all perspective till I walk away from the piece and take a look at it with fresh eyes.

Golden Wolf Color 72RGB Crop.jpg
Golden Wolf Color 72RGB Portrait Crop.jpg
Golden Wolf Color 72RGB Tight Vert Crop.jpg